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Manipulates the data in Excel based on more than 100+ tools
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Despite the plethora of functions and features that Excel provides, ZBrainSoft has proven that there’s always room for improvement. In fact, Dose for Excel adds more than 100 new features to this Microsoft’s tool that open up a new world of possibilities. From navigation to data management features, and from export to backup tools, this Excel add-in will allow you to do more in less time.

Dose for Excel integrates seamlessly in whatever version of Excel you have installed on your system, from 2007 to the newest Office 365. Note, however, that loading this add-in and its extensive functionality adds a few extra seconds to Excel’s standard launching time. If you read further, you will see that the wait is worth the while, though.

In ribbon-based versions, the program adds two new tabs to the ribbon, D-Editing, and D-Pro, where you’ll find all the new features neatly grouped by function. From tools to improve the way you visualize your work area to navigation tools to help you move between workbooks and sheets, from format-related features to utilities to improve cell selection, this comprehensive add-in has been developed to speed up your workflow. Active functions will appear on individual sections on the right-hand side of your worksheet, complete with whatever parameters they require. You can open and work with several functions simultaneously. Actually, the larger your spreadsheet is and the more workbooks you’re working with at the same time, the more you’ll appreciate what this tool can do for your data. more

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  • Compatible with all Excel versions from 2007 to Office 365
  • Integrates seamlessly to your Excel ribbon
  • Advanced data management functions
  • Backs up your workbooks automatically
  • More than 100 built-in new formulas
  • Massive data cleaning functions


  • Slows down the loading of Excel
  • Explanations of some functions can be improved for clarity

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Good tool, it facilitates using Excel a lot. Thanks and voted 5 stars

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junaid rahul
It adds about 100 new features to Excel, most of them new and others are simplified to save time and effort achieving tasks, I loved its price. (cheap) affordable.

voted 5 stars, thanks for developers to provide us such a useful tool.

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saiful hosni

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